Dreams From Our

Founding Fathers

First Principles in the Age of Obama

Why has the age of Obama sparked widespread public discontent, the formation of tea parties, and a renewed emphasis on the philosophy of the Founding Fathers?  Because on issue after issue—the size and role of government, the redistribution of wealth, the function of the courts, political leadership, and foreign affairs, among others—Obama and his allies have charted a course that is alien to our Republic’s philosophical foundations.


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About the Book

In Dreams From Our Founding Fathers, Ron DeSantis identifies the important principles that the Founding Fathers relied upon when they created the Constitution, and demonstrates how Obama and his allies have radically departed from them.

About the Author

Ron DeSantis is a former federal prosecutor, a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom and an officer in the United States Navy reserve.  He graduated with honors from Yale University and Harvard Law School.  He lives in Florida.
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